Lord Conrad is a famous Italian guy based in Milan Italy.

He is a model, a dancer, a trader, a personal trainer, and an Aesthetic leader and a lot more.

He is gaining fame thanks to his incredible lifestyle and his amazing look. With gorgeous modeling pics, sexy selfies, luxury cars, dancing videos and thousands of top female models partying and showing in his social media, he is becoming a new generation icon.

He appeared in magazines and is well-known in the European nightlife and fashion scene.

He is currently developing an important musical project with a popular DJ and producer, with a music video that is coming out soon. This guy is quickly becoming an icon to follow for a new generation.

He’s considered a new Aesthetic leader. His look along with his eccentric lifestyle are making him an uprising sex symbol.

His lifestyle philosophy is to live a life to the fullest and just try to be the best possible version of himself, and certainly he’s succeeding in that. Some people call him the son of Zeus, a god, the Aesthetic Leader, but he said the truth is that he is just himself and he’s just trying to push his life to the limit.

You can see more on his personal website and social media:

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